What to Expect


Our team of dentists is one of the most experienced in the greater Madison-Verona area. You won’t have to worry about being referred away for complex cases. We can do almost everything in house!


From iPads for the kids, to our widescreen TVs, we’re striving to make our dental experience just that- an experience. Our offices are modern and spacious and you’ll always have a private room to yourself.


We’ve invested in the best technology to make sure our dentists can provide the best treatment to you. From digital x-rays and in-house CT scans, to intraoral cameras and guided implantology, you can be sure that the dentistry you receive is second to none.

About Mouthguards


As your family and general dentist we can create custom mouthguards: TMJ mouthguards to help correct a misaligned bite and prevent teeth grinding; athletic mouthguards to protect your teeth while you play; and snore guards to keep the spouse happy and help you wake up with the energy you’ve been dreaming about.

Did You Know?

Dental injuries are one of the highest sports-related accidents in America. Before your child runs out on the field, invest in a custom athletic mouthguard. It could save their teeth (and their football career)!

Athletic Mouthguards

Any activity, from basketball to gymnastics should utilize a mouthguard. Properly fitted athletic mouthguards can help protect the teeth from sports related head & mouth injuries that are so common in adolescents playing sports today. Athletic mouthguards can reduce risks of incurring fractured teeth, knocked out teeth and even concussions. Like most of our services in mouthguards, you can come in for an impression and pick up a custom fitted mouthguard in just two short visits.

Snore Guards

A custom snore guard can help alleviate the health risks imposed by an obstructed airway to encourage healthier (and quieter!) airflow to the body and brain. Sleep apnea, where the body is literally forced to gasp for air in the middle of the night, can have serious health implications. We will work with you to build a custom snore guard to pull the lower jaw forward in order to open the airway.

Nightguards & TMJ

Does your jaw click or “pop” when you open your mouth? Are your teeth painfully sensitive? Jaw pain is often caused by sore jaw muscles from clenching or teeth grinding, or pain directly from the jaw joint (TMJ). Our nightguards limit night-time clenching and teeth grinding to relax the muscles and relocated the joint, muscles and ligaments to their ideal position. Schedule a visit to find out what nightguard may be best for your individual needs.


Have you recently straightened your teeth with Invisalign or braces? Orthodontic dentistry has many cosmetic and health benefits, but if you’re not keeping your smile in place with a retainer you may lose those benefits. Ask us about our retainers in Madison and Verona! If you’ve lost a retainer in the past (or two!) we’re happy to make or replace yours in our office.

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