Family and Pediatric

What to Expect


Our team of dentists is one of the most experienced in the greater Madison-Verona area. You won’t have to worry about being referred away for complex cases. We can do almost everything in house!


From iPads for the kids, to our widescreen TVs, we’re striving to make our dental experience just that- an experience. Our offices are modern and spacious and you’ll always have a private room to yourself.


We’ve invested in the best technology to make sure our dentists can provide the best treatment to you. From digital x-rays and in-house CT scans, to intraoral cameras and guided implantology, you can be sure that the dentistry you receive is second to none.

Your Family Dentists in Madison & Verona

First Appointment

There’s no pressure and no rush at Associated Dentists. We honor your time and work with a gentle touch so our patients of every age can enjoy their experience. We’ll also inform you about your dental health and options to leave the power of deciding treatment with you.

Pediatric Dentistry

As your child’s dentist in Madison and Verona, we believe good oral health and dental hygiene habits start early. Ask us about our cavity fillings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, which can be used to solve small dental issues before they become complex (or expensive) to treat. We take meaningful steps in preventive dental care to support a healthy future for your child.

Show and Tell

“For our kids and adults alike it’s a lot of show and tell. There’s great success in educating our patients beforehand. We make sure that we talk and have an honest, open conversation, where we take the time to talk about what’s going on, what options are available, and how to address concerns and find a solution that is good and comforting.”

Family Dentistry

At Associated Dentists, we do it all, so you don’t need to spend any more of your time dealing with dentistry. From your standard six month checkup, dental exam or cleaning to painless tooth extraction, wisdom teeth, Invisalign or implant supported dentures, our full range of services allows us to find the solution for your dental needs that is tailored specifically to you, all under one roof.

Senior Dentistry

Not everything works quite the same way when you get older, but thanks to modern dentistry your smile is an exception. Our team cares deeply about our seniors, some of which have grown up with us through the years and shared many fond memories. It’s the reason we established our very own full-service dental clinic at the Oakwood Village Retirement Community in 1999.

Preventive Dentistry

Untreated dental issues require more complex dental care the longer they go untreated. When you treat small dental issues (such as a cavity or tooth sensitivity) today, you may be saving years of stress or financial burden. It seems easy enough, and it is! Remember to brush and floss regularly, and come in at least twice a year for a checkup!

Tooth Replacement

Have you lost some of your original teeth? Full and partial dentures are making strides in modern dentistry to fit better, function better, and feel natural in the mouth. If you’ve never liked the idea of having to take your teeth out at night, bridges and dental implants may be what you’re looking for. Set up a free consultation to see which options might be best for you.

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