Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored? - Causes and Prevention

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Our teeth are under constant attack throughout our lives. Harmful bacteria feed on sugar and food particles in our mouths. This creates by-products which wear away the tooth’s surface and eventually cause tooth decay.

But there’s another problem that is just as serious that is dental erosion. Acidic foods can cause tooth enamel to temporarily weaken and even lose some important minerals. The pH balance in the mouth is restored by saliva within a few hours. The enamel is most at risk during this period.

You can prevent dental erosion by changing your diet to avoid acidic foods. You can reduce acid attacks by eating cheese and milk after a meal. These two foods can speed up the process of restoring pH balance. Sugar-free gums may naturally stimulate saliva production after eating.

You can reduce enamel damage by waiting at least one hour after eating before brushing your teeth.

Can Tooth Enamel be Restored?

Tooth enamel cannot be restored if it is already damaged. It is possible to restore weakened enamel by increasing its mineral content. While toothpastes and mouthwashes cannot “rebuild” teeth they can help with the remineralization process.

Remineralization adds minerals to the teeth, particularly calcium. These minerals attach to the enamel and draw them to weak spots. This is particularly useful in cases of dental erosion where the tooth surfaces may be weakened without cracking or chipping.

Calcium phosphate (also known as hydroxyapatite) is the main ingredient in enamel. High concentrations of calcium phosphate or products with fluoride (a common additive) are the best for helping teeth remineralize naturally.

Know How to Stop Tooth Decay in Madison, WI

There are many ways to prevent tooth decay. You can brush, floss, use mouthwash, and even change your diet. A dentist in Madison can help protect your teeth as well as restore those that have been damaged.

Two options are available for restoring tooth structure:

  • Tooth bonding: Attaching tooth coloured composite resin to cracked or chipped areas
  • Tooth crown: A covering of damaged enamel that protects and strengthens the tooth

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