FAQ - Dentures

If you’ve had your dentures for more than 3-5 years it’s possible that they actually don’t fit anymore.

If you’re a denture-wearer, you should understand that the removal of your permanent teeth has initiated a change in the bone that once held those teeth. Think about it like this: The bone of your mouth doesn’t just support your teeth; your teeth also support the bone. So, what does this mean for you, the denture-wearer?

First, it means that the bone will begin to gradually change. More specifically, it will begin to shrink. Over time, that means the dentures you once had fitted for your mouth, say, five years ago, no longer fit well.

Note that trying to compensate for looser dentures by using excess denture adhesive is not a good remedy. In fact, doing this can actually lead to more rapid bone loss—and a worsening denture fit.

See your dentist if you’re having problems with the fit of your dentures. Remedies can include either relining the surface of your dentures or refitting you and creating new dentures.

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