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Teeth Whitening Treatment

Tips to Improve the Results of Teeth-Whitening

Are you happy with the results you got from having professional teeth whitening done? Do you want to make your smile shine longer? You can have confidence in both professional and personal settings with a whiter smile. Here are some great ways to improve the effects of teeth whitening. How long does teeth whitening last? With proper care, professional teeth whitening treatments can last for up to three years However, some patients see results that last longer. Your care habits can affect...

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A man looking the girl teeth

Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored? – Causes and Prevention

Our teeth are under constant attack throughout our lives. Harmful bacteria feed on sugar and food particles in our mouths. This creates by-products which wear away the tooth's surface and eventually cause tooth decay. But there's another problem that is just as serious that is dental erosion. Acidic foods can cause tooth enamel to temporarily weaken and even lose some important minerals. The pH balance in the mouth is restored by saliva within a few hours. The enamel is most at risk durin...

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