What soda does to teeth

Soda and Your Teeth: How to Prevent the Dreaded “Mountain Dew Mouth”

You can probably guess that something called “Mountain Dew mouth” can’t be a good thing. Unfortunately, dentists see varying degrees of it (also called “soda mouth”) all too often. Health experts familiar with the Appalachian region of the Eastern U.S. refer to the area’s drink of choice, Mountain Dew, as a major reason for such high rates of advanced tooth decay and other dental problems. (That coupled with poor dental habits.) Of course, drinking Mountain Dew and other soft ...

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Associated Dentists lobby

Finding the Best Dentist Near Me

Finding the Best Dentist Near You is Not Difficult Finding the right dentist isn’t hard--it just takes a little bit of research! And for good reason: he or she will have a significant impact on not just the way your smile looks, but on your oral and overall health as well. The Best Dentist for Your Family - What That Means A practice centered around the patient’s comfort, and one that looks to build a trusting relationship with you, is of utmost importance. After all, the relationship...

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How Important Are Straight Teeth?

If you’ve ever been in a mall before, you likely didn’t have to travel far to be surrounded by countless advertisements in magazines, posters, and television commercials featuring models with perfectly straight teeth. Maybe even a group of teens walked by with their shiny braces, or a flyer caught your eye about Invisalign. Straight teeth are everywhere! They’re so popular, it’s sometimes hard to believe we’d want our smile to look any other way. But do we need to straighten our tee...

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The Associated Dentists website on a computer

Our Brand New Website!

On behalf of all of us at Associated Dentists we are proud to announce that our brand new website is up and running! As your local family dentist with two convenient locations in Madison and Verona, we welcome patients to explore the website on you computer, tablet, on your phone. Featuring high-quality dental services and patient information on everything from family to cosmetic dentistry, the new website is a happy addition to a dental team committed to quality patient care. Convenie...

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Full Body Checkup

How Gum Disease Affects Whole Body Health

It’s said that over 90 of adults over age 30 have some stage of active gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. While you may have heard what gum disease can do to your mouth, you may also want to know how this chronic condition can have a negative impact on your entire body. Even though you (hopefully!) are brushing your teeth at least two times daily, you still harbor bacteria in your mouth. Studies have shown that there is a link between a buildup of bacteria and plaque and ma...

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Girl outside with sunglasses smiling

Leading in Patient Centered Dental Care

As your cosmetic and family dentist serving the Madison, Middleton and Verona areas we put our heart into what we do because good dentistry means better living for our community, and the best dentistry means changing the way even the most timid patient feels about the dentist. We hope every patient that enters our doors, no matter what they need or how they feel coming in, can quickly learn to look forward to every visit to the dentist. The ordinary perception is that a dentist simply fixes t...

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