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As your cosmetic and family dentist serving the Madison, Middleton and Verona areas we put our heart into what we do because good dentistry means better living for our community, and the best dentistry means changing the way even the most timid patient feels about the dentist.

We hope every patient that enters our doors, no matter what they need or how they feel coming in, can quickly learn to look forward to every visit to the dentist. The ordinary perception is that a dentist simply fixes teeth, but we’re more than that: At Associated Dentists we build hope and confidence, health and positivity, and create a dental home our community has enjoyed for generations.

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Patients Come First

At our dental offices in Madison and Verona, our patients are never rushed along, hurried to decide on a treatment, or given treatment without fully understanding what to expect. It’s not your typical dentist’s office that wants to get you in and out to see the next patient. At Associated Dentists, we believe that the time we spend with you is precious and worthwhile.

    • You will never be rushed through a dental appointment, or kept waiting in the lobby. Our staff warmly invites you into the office to get comfortable and speak with the friendly faces you get to know through the years.


    • We are not a corporate office. Instead of a busy, loud or impersonal environment, you will discover that you’ll see the same familiar dentist and hygienists at every visit. We strongly believe that your dental care is best managed by the hands you trust most and who know the most about your unique situation.

      Our award winning dental office

      Find out more about our award-winning dental office when you visit our Madison location


    • If you have a dental concern, it’s not uncommon to also worry about your wallet. Rest assured, at Associated Dentists we consider all aspects of your health. You’re informed of every detail along the way. You stay involved in the process to co-diagnose and choose the treatment plan that ultimately is the most ideal for you.


    • When it comes to dental technology, we go above and beyond to deliver the highest standard in patient care using state of the art dental treatment methods. Of course, “new” does not always equate to being the “best” and methods such as same day dentistry aren’t right for everyone. We match patients with the services that are most appropriate for their needs and will produce the best results overall.


    • Great dentistry is honest dentistry: it means having one-on-one conversations with our patients, leaving no details out, and only recommending treatments we believe are necessary. We wouldn’t have our decades-long legacy if it weren’t for our patients, and the dental care we provide reflects the promise of our patient-centered philosophy.

Maintaining Excellence In Changing Times

Although ‘same day crowns’ like CEREC and E4D seem great in theory, quality takes time. While we love the idea of less visits and less interruption in your daily routine, we’ve made the choice at Associated Dentists to provide you with the best and longest lasting restorations available today. If you’re curious about restorative or cosmetic dentistry for your smile, ask us about our approach. We pride ourselves in our high standards of craftsmanship and integrity, where our dental lab can view your finely made dental crown or restoration as a strong work of art.

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Have you been looking for a new dentist near you? New patients are always welcome at Associated Dentists. For your convenience we have an office in Madison and another in Verona–simply pick the location that is nearest to you! Give us a call today and we’ll get started preparing your smile to be radiant, healthy and confident. We’ll see you soon!